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Version: 300602 (debian - 07/07/09)

Section: 4 (Pilotes et protocoles réseau)

BSD mandoc


sbsh - Granch SBNI16 SHDSL modem device driver


device sbsh


The driver provides support for an internal PCI modem SBNI16-SHDSL. A device is introduced to the OS as a common Ethernet-like network card which must be configured with ifconfig(8) (all standard network interface parameters could be set). Modem-specific parameters (master/slave mode, line rate, etc.) must be set with the sb16config utility before interface activation.


"sbsh%d: couldn't map memory"
"sbsh%d: couldn't map interrupt"
"sbsh%d: couldn't set up irq"
A fatal initialization error has occurred.
"sbsh%d: unable to load firmware"
A fatal error has occurred while sb16config was running.
"sbsh%d: firmware wasn't loaded"
``ifconfig ... up '' has failed because device has not been configured with sb16config
"sbsh%d: transmit timeout"
"sbsh%d: interrupt posted but not delivered"
Probably, a hardware error or incompatibility.
"sbsh%d: unable to get mbuf"
"sbsh%d: unable to get mbuf cluster"
The driver failed to allocate a memory buffer.


arp(4), netintro(4), ifconfig(8)



The device driver first appeared in Fx 4.9 .


The driver was written by An Denis I. Timofeev Aq .
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