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Version: 304757 (debian - 07/07/09)

Section: 8 (Commandes administrateur)


aoe-interfaces - restrict aoe driver to specified network interfaces


 aoe-interfaces [dev1] [dev2 ...]
 aoe-interfaces -c


The aoe-interfaces command tells the aoe driver to ignore ATA over Ethernet (AoE) traffic on all but the specified network interfaces. It is analogous to the aoe_iflist module load option.

If neither the aoe_iflist module load option nor the aoe-interfaces command are used, the aoe driver will use any network interface for AoE traffic. Using aoe-interfaces to limit AoE to only trusted networks prevents the case where a rogue AoE target appears on a public network, diverting data from the legitimate AoE target. Such an imposter target effectively corrupts the data on the legitimate target.

If the aoe driver is a module, then calling aoe-interfaces without arguments will display the current interfaces list. If it hasn't been set then the output will be blank.

It's good to run the aoe-discover command after setting the AoE interfaces list.


The -c flag will clear the interface access list, permitting any interface to be used.


In this example, the root user on a host named nai loads the aoe module with only eth0 allowable for AoE traffic. After remembering that shelf 7 is on eth3, this sysadmin uses aoe-interfaces to add eth3 to the list of allowable network interfaces and then calls aoe-discover to ask the aoe driver to look for new AoE devices.
 nai:~# modprobe aoe aoe_iflist="eth0"
 nai:~# aoe-stat
    e10.9            eth0              up
 nai:~# aoe-interfaces eth0 eth3
 nai:~# aoe-discover
 nai:~# aoe-stat
     e7.0            eth3              up
     e7.1            eth3              up
     e7.2            eth3              up
     e7.3            eth3              up
     e7.4            eth3              up
     e7.5            eth3              up
     e7.6            eth3              up
     e7.7            eth3              up
     e7.8            eth3              up
     e7.9            eth3              up
    e10.9            eth0              up
 nai:~# aoe-interfaces
 eth0 eth3


aoe-discover(8), aoe-stat(8), aoetools(8).


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