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Version: 328074 (ubuntu - 08/07/09)

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Section: 8 (Commandes administrateur)


ccat - cat a encrypted file


ccat [ -3ms ] file [ ... ]


ccat prompts for a passphrase and decrypts (onto standard output) the specified CFS encrypted files. If a corresponding CFS IV file (.pvect_*) file exists in the same directory, it is used to perturb the file accordingly. By default, files are decrypted using standard 2-key hybrid mode single-DES. The -3 option specifies 2-key hybrid mode triple DES. The -m option specifies 1-key hybrid mode MacGuffin, and -s specifies SAFER-SK128.

ccat is intended to assist in emergency access to CFS directories when no machine running a CFS daemon is available. It is ordinarily used in conjunction with cname(8).




Does not work with new format (1.3 and later) directories.

This program is just blindingly slow. There's no way to tell if an incorrect passphrase was entered, except that the program will produce garbage output.


Matt Blaze; for information on cfs, email to
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