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Version: 100578 (fedora - 25/11/07)

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Section: 8 (Commandes administrateur)


zdump - 시간대 time zone dumper


zdump [ -v ] [ -c cutoffyear ] [ zonename ... ]


Zdump는 명령행의 각 zonename의 시간을 출력한다.

다음과 같은 옵션이 쓰인다:

For each zonename on the command line, print the time at the lowest possible time value, the time one day after the lowest possible time value, the times both one second before and exactly at each detected time discontinuity, the time at one day less than the highest possible time value, and the time at the highest possible time value, Each line ends with isdst=1 if the given time is Daylight Saving Time or isdst=0 otherwise.
-c cutoffyear
주어진 해의 출발근처에서 다양한 출력을 삭제한다.

관련 항목

newctime(3), tzfile(5), zic(8)
< DXD> comment configurer internet sur dibian?plz
< arachne> DXD: va lire la doc
< couF>
< Subdino> rooh, rtfm avec stfw croisé...
< DXD> couF: plus precisement?
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-- DxD in "R3AL H4CK" --