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Version: October 22th, 2004 (debian - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


Xwnc - mix of Xvnc and XDarwin with improved protocol


Xwnc [:display] [-a pixel] [-ac] [-audit int] [-auth file] [bc] [-br] [-bs] [-c] [c int] [-cc int] [-co file] [-core] [-dpi int] [-deferglyphs [none|all|16]] [-f int] [-fc string] [-fn string] [-fp string] [-help] [-I] [-ld int] [-lf int] [-ls int] [-nolock] [-logo] [nologo] [-nolisten string] [-p minutes] [-pn] [-nopn] [-r] [r] [-render] [default|mono|gray|color]] [-s min] [-su] [-t int] [-terminate] [-to int] [-tst] [ttyxx] [v] [-v] [-wm] [-x string] [-query hostname] [-broadcast] [-indirect hostname] [-port num] [-once] [-class display-class] [-displayID display-id] [-geometry WxH] [-depth int] [-pixelformat [bgrnnn|rgbnnn]] [-udpinputport num] [-rfbport num] [-rfbwait ms] [-nocursor] [-rfbauth file] [-httpd dir] [-httpport num] [-economictranslate] [-desktop name] [-alwaysshared] [-nevershared] [-dontdisconnect] [-viewonly] [-localhost] [-interface ipaddr] [-inetd] [-version]


Xwnc is a free X server for Virtual Network Computing (VNC). It provides all the capabilities of a X server, but does not connect to a display for itself. You need to write your own client to view and control the applications that run on the server (see for more information and an example).


Xwnc :1
Invoke Xwnc on display :1 at localhost.


Many options are available to Xwnc in order to give as much flexibility as possible to the user. Most of the options are standard options for X server, and Xwnc provides a few additional options dsigned for its special purpose.


There are a lot of options for Xwnc. As this man page is provided by the Debian maintainer and not by the upstream author, this man page can't be very descriptive. Please check the man pages of the X windows system for a detailed explanation of the standard X server options.
-a pixel
This sets the mouse acceleration in pixel.
Use this option to disable access control restrictions.
-audit int
Set audit trail level.
-auth filename
Specifies the filename of the X authorization file.
Enables bug compatibility.
Create root window with black background
Disable any backing store support.
This option turns off key clicking.
c int
This option specifies the key clicking volume and maybe an integer value from 0 to 100.
-cc int
Specifies the default color visual class.
-co file
This should be the filename of a valid X color database file, as it is specified in the RgbPath field of the XF86Config file.
-core If you specify this option, Xwnc will generate a core dump on fatal error.
-dpi int
Set the screen resolution in dots per inch.
-deferglyphs [none|all|16]
Defer loading of no, all or 16-bit glyphs.
-f int
Bell base. Mabye an integer value from 0 to 100.
-fc string
This sets the cursor font.
-fn string
This sets the default font name.
-fp string
This specifies the default font path.
This will print a help message with all legal options on stderr.
After this option, all remaining arguments will be ignored.
-ld int With this option you can limit the data space to N KByte.
-lf int
With this option you can limit the number of open files to N.
-ls int
With this option you can limit the stack space to N KByte.
Disables the locking mechanism.
Enables logo in screen saver.
Disables logo in screen saver.
-nolisten string
Don't listen on protocol.
-p minutes
Screen-saver pattern duration in minutes.
Accept failure to listen on all ports.
Reject failure to listen on all ports.
Turns auto-repeat off.
Turns on auto-repeat on.
-s minutes
Screen-saver timeout in minutes.
Disable any save under support.
-t pixel
This option specifies the mouse threshold in pixels.
Terminate at server reset.
-to int
Connection time out.
Disable testing extensions.
Server started from init on /dev/ttyxx.
Enablevideo blanking for screen-saver.
Screen-saver without video blanking.
WhenMapped default backing-store.
-x string
Loads named extension at init time.
-query hostname
Contact named host for XDMCP.
Broadcast for XDMCP.
-indirect hostname
Contact named host for indirect XDMCP.
-port num
UDP port number to send messages to.
Terminate server after one session. When the viewer disconnects, the server will terminate.
-class display-class
Specify display class to send in manage.
-displayID display-id
Manufacturer display ID for request.
-geometry WxH
Set framebuffer width & height.
-depth num
Set framebuffer depth. Must be a value between 8 and 32.
-pixelformat format
Set pixel format (BGRnnn or RGBnnn). The viewer can do the conversion to any other pixel format, but it is faster if the depth and pixelformat of the server is the same as the aequivalent values on the viewer display.
-udpinputport port
UDP port for keyboard/pointer data.
-rfbport port
TCP port for RFB protocol. The RFB protocol is the VNC server/client protocol.
-rfbwait time
Maximum time in milli seconds to wait for RFB client. The RFB client is the VNC viewer.
Don't put up a cursor.
-rfbauth passwd-file
When using authentication on RFB protocol, compare the password with the password saved in passwd-file.
-httpd dir
Specify the directory in which the java classes are stored with this option.
-httpport port
With this option you can specify the port on which Xwnc should listen for incoming http connections (to be used by any Java capable browser).
Less memory-hungry translation.
-desktop name
Name of the VNC desktop (default x11).
Always treat new clients as shared
Never treat new clients as shared
Don't disconnect existing clients when a new non-shared connection comes in (refuse new connection instead).
Let clients only to view the desktop
Only allow connections from localhost
-interface ipaddr
Only bind to specified interface address
Xwnc is launched by inetd
Report Xwnc version on stderr


Xwnc is developed by Olivier Chapuis <>. VNC is developed at Olivetti Research Labs, Cambridge (now AT&T Laboratories, Cambridge) by Tristan Richardson, Ken Wood, James Weatherall, Andy Harter, Charlie McLachlan, Paul Webster, Quentin Stafford-Fraser and others. This manpage written by Loic Dachary for the Debian GNU/Linux distribution.
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