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Version: 311208 (ubuntu - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


acleandir - clean up a directory containing netatalk Apple Macintosh files


acleandir [-rnvi] dirname


acleandir cleans up the directory dirname. By default it simply removes "orphan" AppleDouble files, i.e. those which do not have a corresponding data file.


Also remove the .AppleDouble directory if it contains no AppleDouble files after "orphan" removal. This will result in the finder location of dirname within its parent being lost.
-r, -R
Recursive. Clean up directories recursively.
Display the filenames of "orphans" but don't remove any. Display size if "orphan" appears to contain a resource fork.
Interactive. Prompt for confirmation before a removal. A y in answer confirms that the removal should proceed.
Verbose. Display the names of all "orphans" and .AppleDouble directories removed. Reports the size if the "orphan" appears to contain a resource fork.
Aggressive. Remove all AppleDouble files, not just "orphans". Also remove the .AppleDesktop directory if present. Impies -d option. Use with caution as the Macintosh type/creator and finder location of all files will be lost and the content of some documents, such as Symantec Projects, will be destroyed.


returns exit status 0 unless bad options are provided or a directory is not given on the command line.


apple_file(1), afpd(8)
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