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Version: 10 February 2009 (ubuntu - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


alicia - Make micromodifications or queries to the overrides table


alicia [ options ] package [ section ] [ priority ]


alicia makes micromodifications and queries the overrides.


Show help and then exit.
Close the listed bugs as part of adjusting the overrides
Show what alicia would do but make no changes
Affect the overrides in suite listed. The default is unstable


alicia when invoked with only a package name will tell you what section and priority the given package has.

alicia when invoked with a package and one or two other values will set the section and/or priority to the values given. You may use a single period ('.') to represent "do not change" or you can ommit the value you do not want to change.


alicia essentially lets you do what natalie does only on the microscopic scale rather than the macroscopic scale of natalie. Use with care.


alicia returns zero on normal operation, non-zero on error.


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