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Version: April 2005 (debian - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


AVInfo - Audio/Video file information automatic extractor


avinfo [--help | --version]


Extracts information from FILENAME or files in FILELIST and generates a report.


forces the use of module associated with extension
use filelist (use -l- for stdin)
delay between files in filelist (in ms) (/*TODO*/)
exclude an extension (do not apply associated module)
max line length (0 - no restriction)
for advanced tuning of modules (/*TODO*/)
set int. variable 'name' to 'value' (text or number)

External TEMPLATEs:

header template (string, use without value to disable)
get header template from a file
body template (string, use without value to disable)
get body template from a file
footer template (string, use without value to disable)
get footer template from a file

Built-in TEMPLATEs:

used by default
for creating (updating) descrpipt.ion files
for filelist (plain text) generation
for filelist (html) generation
for filelist (CSV, e.g. for Excel)
alt. version of --default template
"nice" formated report (for FAR Manager) (contains MS-DOS pseudographic characters)


file to write the report to (default is stdout)


prints this help page
prints avinfo version and copyright

You can use ':' instead of '=' in all OPTIONS or just omit it.
TEMPLATEs use AVInfo Simple Script (A.S.S.) syntax.

Examples of commands:

avinfo file.ogm --raw
find . -name '*.avi' -print | avinfo -l- --html-list -o=avilist.html
avinfo -l:list -thf:header -tbf=body -tff=footer >report


Additional documentation for AVInfo can be found in the package documentation directory.

(c) George Shuklin, 2001-2004,
This is free software. You are welcome to redistribute it under the terms and conditions of GNU General Public License.

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