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Langue: en

Version: 10/24/2009 (fedora - 01/12/10)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


bakefile_gen - batch bakefile generation


bakefile_gen [-dDESCFILE...] [-FFORMATS...] [-DVAR=VALUE...] [-c] [--list-files] [-j] [-p] [--dry-run] [-k] [-n] [-v] [-V]


Calls bakefile with flags listed in description file (Bakefiles.bkgen or file specified using the --desc option).



Uses given description file instead of Bakefiles.bkgen.


Calls Bakefile to generate only makefiles for specified formats. FORMATS is comma-separed list of format names. Formats not included in the list are ignored even if they are listed in <add-formats> tags in the description file.


Calls Bakefile to generate makefiles only from bakefiles that match any wildcard in comma-separed list of wildcards in BAKEFILES. Input files specified using the <input> tag in the description file that don't match any of the wildcards are not processed.


Pass variable definition to Bakefile, overriding any definition in description file or the input bakefile.

-c, --clean

Removes all output files instead of generating them.


Prints the list of output files that would be generated instead of creating them. This command respects the constraints specified using the --format and --bakefile options. It can be used for example to create the list of all makefiles for given format.

-j, --jobs

Number of jobs to run simultaneously. Default is the number of CPUs.

-p, --pretend

Don't do anything, only display actions that would be performed.


Process the bakefile normally, but instead of creating or modifying files, just print which files would be changed without actually modifying them.

-k, --keep-going

Do not stop when a target fails.

-B, --always-make

Pretend that all makefiles are out of date and regenerate all of them. -f and -b options are respected.

-v, --verbose

Display detailed information.

-V, --very-verbose

Display even more detailed information.


Display usage information for bakefile_gen
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