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Langue: en

Version: 265752 (debian - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


beav - binary file editor and viewer


beav [file...]


This is a brief description of the minimal set of commands that are necessary to start using beav effectively. For more information, review the file /usr/share/doc/beav/beav140.txt.gz.

The file-visit command, Ctl-X Ctl-V, can be used to read a file in for editing. The file can also be read in from the command line; beav <edit_file>.

Data is displayed in one or more windows. These commands can be used to navigate around the windows.

move-back-char Ctl-B moves left
move-back-line Ctl-P moves up
move-forw-char Ctl-F moves right
move-forw-line Ctl-N moves down
window-delete Ctl-X 0 delete window
window-expand Ctl-X 1 expand window

The move-to-byte command, Ctl-X G, will prompt you for a byte position to move to.

These commands will insert a zero byte at the cursor position or delete the byte at that position.

insert-unit Ctl-X I
delete-forw-unit Esc D

The file-save command, Ctl-X Ctl-S, will save the data to the file if a change has been made.

The help command, Esc ?, will display a list of all commands and their current key bindings.

The abort-cmd command, Ctl-G, will abort any command that is in operation.

The quit-no-save command, Ctl-X Ctl-C, will exit beav. If there is any data that has not been saved you will be warned.


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