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Version: 6 November, 2000 (debian - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


bni2tga - convert a icon file to a Targa file


bni2tga [options] [--] [bnifile [tgafile]]


bni2tga is a simple program which will convert the icons in a icon file into a TGA file with the icons arranged vertically.

The specific variant of TGA that is used will depend on the input file, but typically it will be a 28 pixel wide, true-color, 24bit, run-length encoded image with no attributes.

If bnifile is not specified or is specified as "-", the standard input will be used. If tgafile is not specified or is specified as "-", the standard output will be used.


-h --help --usage
Print usage information and exit.
-v --version
Print its version number and exit.
Signal end of options. Any further arguments will be treated as filenames even if they begin with a "-".


The current version is available with the bnetd distribution at:


The purpose of some of the fields in the BNI format are not known. Only true-color formats are currently supported.


bnetd(1), bnibuild(1), bniextract(1), bnilist(1), tgainfo(1)


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