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Version: 263216 (debian - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


bplay, brec - buffered sound recording/playing


bplay [-d device] [-B buffersize] [-S] [-s speed] [-b bits] [[-t secs] | [-T samples]] [[-j secs] | [-J samples]] [-D level] [file]

brec [-d device] [-B buffersize] [-S] [-s speed] [-b bits] [[-t secs] | [-T samples]] [-r|-v|-w] [-D level] [file]


bplay copies data from the named sound file (or the standard input if no filename is given) to the audio device.

brec copies data from the audio device to the named sound file (or the standard output if no filename is present).

These programs are intended to be drop-in replacements for the vplay and vrec programs by Michael Beck (


-B buffersize
Use the supplied audio buffer size instead of the default.
-d device
Use the supplied audio device instead of the default.
Sound file is stereo.
-s speed
The speed in samples per second.
-b bits
The number of bits per sample. Only 8 and 16 are currently supported.
-t secs
The number of seconds to be played or recorded.
-T samples
The number of samples to be played or recorded.
-j secs
When playing, the number of seconds to skip at the beginning of the input before playing.
-J samples
When playing, the number of samples to skip at the beginning of the input before playing.
When recording, write raw sound file.
When recording, write Creative Labs VOC sound file.
When recording write Microsoft Wave sound file. Note that the WAVE file format is limited to 4GiB filesize. Recording more data is possible, but the length info won't be consistent.
Quiet mode. No messages are displayed.
-D level
Print debug information to stderr. Debug level ranges from 0 to 2, where 0 is no debug information.


/dev/dsp The audio device.


The -t, -T, -j and -J options may do strange things when playing VOC files.

There are limitations on recording VOC format files - specifically VOC files are only recorded in the 1.20 version of the format, which some player programs may choke on. There is also currently a limit of around 16M on the size of a VOC file which will be recorded. This is probably not a problem since I don't think anybody really uses VOC files anymore.

This program prefers to run setuid root. This is because it wants to use setpriority() to run at the highest possible priority, and also locks down the buffers it uses to avoid them being swapped out.


David Monro ( or

The option parsing code was originally taken from vplay to maintain compatibility.

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