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Version: 41783 (openSuse - 09/10/07)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


capisuitefax - sending faxes with the CapiSuite default scripts


capisuitefax [-q] [-n] [-u user] [-A adr] [-S subj] -d number file...
capisuitefax [-q] -a id
capisuitefax -h
capisuitefax -l


The default scripts for CapiSuite come with the tool capisuitefax for sending faxes.

It will be called with some parameters telling it which file to send (it currently only supports PostScript and PDF files) and to which number. It will then enqueue the job converted to the right format into the send queue from which it's collected by another CapiSuite script and sent to the destination. If the sending was completed successfully or failed finally after trying for some time, the according user will get an email telling him/her what has happened.


-a id
Abort the job with the given id. To get a job id, use the -l option.
-A adr
The addressee of the fax. This option is (currently) only for informational purposes and will be quoted in the sent status mail.
-d number
The number which should be called (destination of the fax)
Show a short commandline help
Shows the jobs which are currently in the send queue.
Don't use the configured dial prefix for this job. Useful for internal jobs.
Be quiet, don't output informational messages
-S subj
A subject for the fax. This option is (currently) only for informational purposes and will be quoted in the sent status mail.
-u user
Send fax as another user. Only allowed if capisuitefax is called as user root. This is mainly helpful for realizing extensions to e.g. do network faxing.
One or more PostScript/PDF files to send to this destination. More than one PostScript file will produce several separate fax jobs.


capisuite(8), capisuite.conf(5), fax.conf(5), answering_machine.conf(5)


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