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Version: 2010-04-13 (ubuntu - 24/10/10)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


catalyst - Bootstrap a Catalyst application

SYNOPSIS [options] application-name

'' creates a skeleton for a new application, and allows you to upgrade the skeleton of your old application.

    -force      don't create a .new file where a file to be created exists
    -help       display this help and exit
    -makefile   only update Makefile.PL
    -scripts    only update helper scripts
  application-name must be a valid Perl module name and can include "::", 
  which will be converted to '-' in the project name.
  Examples: My::App MyApp
  To upgrade your app to a new version of Catalyst: -force -scripts MyApp


The "" script bootstraps a Catalyst application, creating a directory structure populated with skeleton files.

The application name must be a valid Perl module name. The name of the directory created is formed from the application name supplied, with double colons replaced with hyphens (so, for example, the directory for "My::App" is "My-App").

Using the example application name "My::App", the application directory will contain the following items:

a skeleton README file, which you are encouraged to expand on
a changes file with an initial entry for the creation of the application
Makefile.PL uses the "Module::Install" system for packaging and distribution of the application.
contains the application module ("My/") and subdirectories for model, view, and controller components ("My/App/M", "My/App/V", and "My/App/C").
root directory for your web document content. This is left empty.
a directory containing helper scripts:
helper script to generate new component modules
runs the generated application within a Catalyst test server, which can be used for testing without resorting to a full-blown web server configuration.
runs the generated application as a CGI script
runs the generated application as a FastCGI script
runs an action of the generated application from the command line.
test directory

The application module generated by the "" script is functional, although it reacts to all requests by outputting a friendly welcome screen.


Neither "" nor the generated helper script will overwrite existing files. In fact the scripts will generate new versions of any existing files, adding the extension ".new" to the filename. The ".new" file is not created if would be identical to the existing file.

This means you can re-run the scripts for example to see if newer versions of Catalyst or its plugins generate different code, or to see how you may have changed the generated code (although you do of course have all your code in a version control system anyway, don't you ...).


Catalyst::Manual, Catalyst::Manual::Intro


Catalyst Contributors, see This library is free software, you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.
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