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Version: 265333 (debian - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


ccmalloc - Link C++ object files with ccmalloc debugging library


ccmalloc [ --no-wrapper ] [ gcc | g++ ] [ compiler-option ... ] file...


ccmalloc is a script that compiles object files from C or C++ code with the ccmalloc library. The resulting code can be profiled for memory leaks and other bad practices.

The script is used as a replacement of the link line. When used with C++ code, simply prefix the command line with ccmalloc. For example, if you normally link your program using
    g++ -o binary mod1.o mod2.o -lm

you simply use the following instead

    ccmalloc g++ -o binary mod1.o mod2.o -lm

With C code, prefix the command line instead with ccmalloc --no-wrapper to disable the C++ wrapper. Linking C code with the C++ wrapper results in unresolved symbols.

Note that only gcc, g++, and g++-2.95 (on systems that have GCC 2.95) are recognized as compilers.

You should copy /usr/share/doc/ccmalloc/examples/ccmalloc.cfg to .ccmalloc in your project directory and read it carefully.

Don't forget the -g compiler flag if you plan to use a debugger.




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