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Langue: en

Version: 2010-06-11 (ubuntu - 24/10/10)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


config-edit-popcon - Edit data of /etc/popularity-contest.conf


   # most users will want to run
   config-edit-popcon [options] [ commands  ... ]
   # if you don't have a X server
   config-edit-popcon -ui curses [options] [ commands  ... ]
   # if you don't like curses
   config-edit-popcon -ui shell [options] [ commands  ... ]
   # if you are a sys admin
   config-edit-popcon -ui none [options]  commands  ...


This program will edit the configuration data contained in /etc/popularity-contest.conf (as root).

You can specify commands as arguments that will be run on the configuration root before launching the UI. These command follow the syntax defined in Config::Model::Loader.


Specify the user interface type.
"tk": provides a Tk graphical interface (If Config::Model::TkUI is installed).
"curses": provides a curses user interface (If Config::Model::CursesUI is installed).
"shell": provides a shell like interface. See Config::Model::TermUI for details.
"none": No UI provided. Only command line arguments are handled.
Be (very) verbose
Provide debug infos.
Provides a full stack trace when exiting on error.
Load file even if error are found in data. Bad data are discarded


Original structure and comments of /etc/popularity-contest.conf are lost. There's currently no Augeas lens for popcon config data.


For support, please check the following ressources:
The config-model wiki: <>
The config-model users mailing list: <>


Dominique Dumont, ddumont at cpan dot org


config-edit, Config::Model

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