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Version: 10 February 2008 (debian - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


dbp-get - Check out a Debian package from a Darcs repository


dbp-get [ package ... ]


The dbp-get command is used to check out a copy of the Debian source for a package from Darcs. Additionally, it can automatically download a copy from any of several mirrors if the Darcs repository doesn't already exist locally.


The one option specifies the name of the package to get.


Configuration happens in ~/.darcs-buildpackage like with all the other commands. The two new options are debianmirrors and upstreammirrors. They are whitespace-separated lists of mirrors to check if the given package isn't in the local area. Here's an example:

 repobase = /home/jgoerzen/debdarcs
 upstreamrepo = %(repobase)s/%(package)s.upstream
 debianrepo = %(repobase)s/%(package)s
 debianmirrors =
 upstreammirrors =


Detailed usage information, including a background and a description of how the tools fit together, can be found in the darcs-buildpackage Manual. On Debian systems, you may find this at /usr/share/doc/darcs-buildpackage.

darcs-buildpackage applications have references in that manual and the following manpages: dbp-importdsc(1), dbp-importorig(1), dbp-markdeb(1), darcs-buildpackage(1).

Other related references include: darcs(1), debuild(1), dpkg-buildpackage(1).

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