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Version: 18 August 2003 (debian - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


divxcomp - Calculate approx. size for ripped avi movies



divxcomp is (c) 2003 by Marc Leeman <>


divxcomp is a X(7) based calculator to give an average for the DivX :-) bit-rates used to encode avi movies.

DivX :-) 4.x is extremely difficult to calculate as the sizes of the video vary depending on the amount of movement and colors, so this gives an average. Your results may be higher or lower than the specified size! A 2 pass rip should normally give much better quality than a 1 pass rip, and mostly also produce a smaller file size. It is however impossible to calculate this accurately, so an intelligent guess is made.

I will not take responsibility for any miscalculations or damages caused by this.


None known.


This man page was written by Samuele Giovanni Tonon <> with the help of Helge Kreutzmann <>, for the Debian GNU/Linux project but may be used by others.



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