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Version: 257379 (debian - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


dndel - Delete a file on a VMS system


dndel [options] file-name


dndel deletes files held on VMS systems. The filename parameter may specify a single file or a wildcard (remember to use VMS wildcards).

If you specify -i or -v then dndel will open two connections to the VMS machine (much as VMS itself does). Otherwise it will attempt to use a single connection. One side-effect of this is that the deletion process will fail at the first file that cannot be deleted.


Interactive. Prompt before deleting a file.
Verbose. Print the names of files that have been deleted
-T connect timeout
Specifies the maximum amount of time the command will wait to establish a connection with the remote node. a 0 here will cause it to wait forever. The default is 60 seconds
-h -?
Displays help for using the command.
Show the version of the tools package that dndel comes from.


  dndel -i 'myvax::oldfile;*'

  dndel 'tramp"christine pjc123"::interactive'


dntype(1), dndir(1), dncopy(1), dntask(1) ,dnsubmit(1), dnprint(1)
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