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Version: July 27th, 2003 (ubuntu - 07/07/09)

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Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


dwww - access documentation via WWW


dwww programname | packagename


A typical Linux system has documentation in many formats (manual pages, info files, READMEs, and so on). dwww makes it possible to access all of these via the same interface, a WWW browser. This makes it easier to use the documentation.

To use dwww, load the URL given in the SYNOPSIS. If you have a web browser installed, you can also just run the dwww command which loads the URL. If BROWSER environment variable is set, dwww uses sensible-browser(1) to load the URL. Otherwise, dwww first tries to use browser specified by DWWW_BROWSER or DWWW_X11_BROWSER configuration variable (cf. dwww(8)), than will use sensible-browser(1) command.

If optional argument programname or packagename is specified, dwww will search all documentation related to given program or package.


Program used to load the above mentioned URL.


Configuration file for dwww.


dwww-find(8), dwww(8), sensible-browser(1).


Lars Wirzenius <>. Modified by Robert Luberda <>.
Bugs should be reported via the Debian Bug Tracking System at <URL:>.

dwww is licensed via the GNU General Public License. While it has been written for Debian, porting it to other systems is strongly encouraged.

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