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Version: May 06, 2003 (debian - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


edit-faxcover - edit


edit-faxcover [ options ]


edit-faxcover Edits the 10 header lines of the POSTSCRIPT® cover page document.


Set variable LINEx where x is 1-10 to be the contents of "string". Warning null strings will not blank out existing lines. Use --with-LINE1=" " to blank out line 1 (actually it'll be a single space)
Edit some other file The faxcover template file can also be specified by setting the FAXCOVER environment variable.
print this message.
do not prompt for input [INTERACTIVE=no]
do not print messages
opposite of -quiet


Complaints about not being able to locate/write a template file.


/etc/hylafax/   default cover page template


null strings will not blank out existing lines.
La soirée poker qui devait réunir Johnny Hallyday, Paul-Loup Sulitzer et
Eddie Barclay a été annulée. Aucun n'a trouvé de baby-sitter pour garder
sa femme, ce n'est que partie remise.
-+- Les nuls -+-