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Version: Sun 11 Jan 2009 19:55:45 GMT (debian - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


em_make - em_make is the emdebian version of dh_make.


em_make [[-a] | [--arch] ARCH] [[-v] | [--verbose]] [[-q] | [--quiet]]
em_make [[-h] | [--help]] [[--version]]


em_make is an emdebian equivalent for dh_make and uses some of the same code.

em_make only does so much - many packages will require manual editing of debian/rules or other files to make a usable emdebian package.

em_make calculates an emdebian versionstring for an initial emdebian release and inserts an entry into debian/changelog. em_make parses debian/control (or debian/ if it exists), truncates all debian/*.doc-base.* files and removes all package descriptions that end in -doc from debian/control.

only run em_make once

em_make is intended to only be run once within a particular source tree. Use emdebuild -n to build subsequent releases from the same tree.


• A method to detect and override settings to run ./configure tests.


-a|--arch ARCH

Specify the target architecture - used to check if a suitable toolchain exists. Default is set by dpkg-cross using debconf.


be verbose - repeat once for extra verbosity.


be quiet.


print the usage message and exit.


print the usage message and exit.


Sometimes, em_make fails to recognise a split line in debian/rules and removes the first part of the command (e.g. dh_installdocs) but not the second - this causes a build failure, often 'Command not found'. These problems show up in the ../emdebian-rules.patch file and debian/rules needs to be edited to remove the stubs.

This is a bug in em_make which should be fixed in future releases.


Manual editing of debian/rules is still necessary because not all packages use recognisable methods to install info or man pages. Ensure you check debian/rules for hand-crafted rules that install to /usr/share/man, /usr/share/info or /usr/share/doc and check the eventual packages with dpkg -c or deb-gview.

lintian and linda overrides are not currently used or needed in Emdebian but these files are very small. There is no particular Emdebian policy on these files, yet.

Note that debc may need some help - specify the location of the emdebian .changes file (which itself is output as a result of emdebuild calling debsign at the end of a successful build).


em_make was written by Neil Williams

This manual page was written by Neil Williams


See also apt-cross (1), dpkg-cross (1), emdebian-tools (1).



Neil Williams

Debian and Emdebian developer.

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