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Version: August 2006 (debian - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


pulseaudio - manual page for pulseaudio esd wrapper 0.9.5


esdcompat [options]


pulseaudio esd wrapper 0.9.5
-v --version
print version information
-h --help
show this help

Ignored directives:

use tcp/ip sockets in addition to unix domain
don't require authentication
force esd to use sound device DEVICE
run server in 8 bit sound mode
run server at sample rate of RATE
-as SECS
free audio device after SECS of inactivity
use unix domain sockets instead of tcp/ip
make tcp/ip access public (other than localhost)
terminate esd daemone after last client exits
disable startup beeps
start esd even if use of /tmp/.esd can be insecure
-port PORT
listen for connections at PORT (only for tcp/ip)
-bind ADDRESS binds to ADDRESS (only for tcp/ip)
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