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Version: 366869 (MeeGo - 06/11/10)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


extlinux - install the SYSLINUX bootloader on a ext2/ext3 filesystem


extlinux [options] directory


EXTLINUX is a new syslinux derivative, which boots from a Linux ext2/ext3 filesystem. It works the same way as SYSLINUX, with a few slight modifications. It is intended to simplify first-time installation of Linux, and for creation of rescue and other special-purpose boot disks.

The installer is designed to be run on a mounted directory. For example, if you have an ext2 or ext3 usb key mounted on /mnt, you can run the following command:

extlinux --install /mnt


-H, --heads=#
Force the number of heads.
-i, --install
Install over the current bootsector.
-O, --clear-once
Clear the boot-once command.
-o, --once=command
Execute a command once upon boot.
-M, --menu-save=label
Set the label to select as default on the next boot
-r, --raid
Fall back to the next device on boot failure.
Reset auxiliary data.
-S, --sectors=#
Force the number of sectors per track.
-U, --update
Updates a previous EXTLINUX installation.
-z, --zip
Force zipdrive geometry (-H 64 -S 32).


I would appreciate hearing of any problems you have with SYSLINUX. I would also like to hear from you if you have successfully used SYSLINUX, especially if you are using it for a distribution.

If you are reporting problems, please include all possible information about your system and your BIOS; the vast majority of all problems reported turn out to be BIOS or hardware bugs, and I need as much information as possible in order to diagnose the problems.

There is a mailing list for discussion among SYSLINUX users and for announcements of new and test versions. To join, send a message to with the line:


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