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Version: 25 June 1990 (mandriva - 01/05/08)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


faces - automatic faces database update script.


face_update [ -o ] [ -w ]


face_update is a shell script for automatically updating the faces database with "on-the-fly" faces. When faces is run with the -U option, every time that a new "on-the-fly" face is found, it is mailed to a special mail alias which by default is facemaker. There would be a special entry in the /etc/aliases file for facemaker. Something like:


This mail message has a certain format. The Subject line contains the file in the database to be updated. The body of the mail message is 48 lines in Blit ikon (48x48x1) format. Depending upon command line options, this new faces is included in the faces database. face_update will also perform various tests on the mail message to ensure it is a valid update.

An entry will be written in the /var/log/facelog log file upon completion. This entry will consist of a timestamp, the name of the user who sent the update, the ikon that was updated, and the status of the update (whether it was successful or not).

Note that the log file ( /var/log/facelog) needs to be created and owned by daemon with permissions of 0644.


This is to allow ikons to be stored in the "old" style format, where the username was the ikon, and not a directory where the icons were kept.
If the given ikon is already present in the database, this option will allow it to be overwritten. By default this doesn't happen.


log file for all ikon updates.




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