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Version: 2003-06-03 (debian - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


gccbug - Reporting GCC Bugs


       [ --cc mail-address ]
       [ --version ] | [ --help ]


gccbug is a version of GNU GNATS send-pr configured for GCC bug reporting.

Invoking gccbug calls the editor named in your environment variable VISUAL or EDITOR on a problem report template.

Your bug reports play an essential role in making GCC reliable. However since the maintainers are very overloaded, please first make sure that:

The problem is not already known. See <> for a list of known bugs. If it isn't known, then you should report the problem.

You can browse the bug database for bugs reported at <>.

You include the information that makes for fixing the bug. See <> for bug reporting instructions.


--cc mail-address
Specifies the mail-address to which the PR should be carbon-copied.
Displays the gccbug version number and a usage summary. No mail is sent.
Displays a usage summary for gccbug. No mail is sent.

gccbug has more (undocumented) options, which may be unsupported by a future GCC bug tracking system.


gcc(1), send-pr(1), send-pr(8), the info entries for gcc (node Bugs), and the online pages at <>.
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