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Version: 256773 (debian - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


gearman - command line interface for Gearman clients and workers


gearman [OPTION]... [WORKLOAD]...


This tool allows you to run both Gearman clients and workers from the command line. Client mode is the default, with worker mode triggered with the -w option. More documentation on this tool coming soon!


Example Client:
This command will act as a client and send a job to function "test" with the payload "Hello World!".
gearman -f test "Hello World!"
Example Worker:
This command will start a worker and take jobs destined to "test" and run the payload through the 'wc' shell command. It will return the output of that command to the client.
gearman -w -f test wc


The Gearman homepage:


Bugs should be reported at


Copyright (C) 2008 Brian Aker, Eric Day. All rights reserved.

Use and distribution licensed under the BSD license. See the COPYING file in the original source for full text.

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