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Version: 253576 (debian - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


ged2gwb - Create a GeneWeb database from a GEDCOM file


ged2gwb [ <ged> ] [ options ]


ged2gwb creates a starter database for use by GeneWeb , from a GEDCOM file.

The primary documentation of ged2gwb is in the HTML documentation, which you can find in the documentation directory (/usr/share/doc/geneweb on Debian systems).
Please look there for complete and up-to-date documentation.


command-line help
-o <file>
output database (default: a.gwb)
Remove database if already existing
-log <file>
Redirect log trace to this file.
- Lowercase first names -
Convert first names to lowercase letters, with initials in uppercase.
- Lowercase surnames -
Convert surnames to lowercase letters, with initials in uppercase. Try to keep lowercase particles.
- Uppercase surnames -
Convert surnames to uppercase letters.
-fne be
- First names enclosed -
When creating a person, if the GEDCOM first name part holds a part between 'b' (any character) and 'e' (any character), it is considered to be the usual first name: e.g. -fne '""' or -fne "()".
- Extract first names -
When creating a person, if the GEDCOM first name part holds several names, the first of this names becomes the person "first name" and the complete GEDCOM first name part a "first name alias".
- Dont extract first names - [default]
Cancels the previous option.
- Extract public names - [default] When creating a person, if the GEDCOM first name part looks like a public name, i.e. holds:
       * a number or a roman number, supposed to be a number of a nobility title,

       * one of the words: "der", "den", "die", "el", "le", "la", "the", supposed to be the beginning of a qualifier,
then the GEDCOM first name part becomes the person "public name" and its first word his "first name".
Cancels the previous option.
- No public if titles -
Do not consider persons having titles as public
- Try negative dates -
Set negative dates when inconsistency (e.g. birth after death)
- No negative dates -
Don't interpret a year preceded by a minus sign as a negative year
-udi x-y
- Undefined death interval -
Set the interval for persons whose death part is undefined:

       - if before x years, they are considered as alive

       - if after y year, they are considered as death

       - between x and y year, they are considered as "don't know"

       Default x is 80 and y is 120
- Untreated in notes -
Put untreated GEDCOM tags in notes
- Default source -
Set the source field for persons and families without source data
Interpret months-numbered dates as day/month/year
Interpret months-numbered dates as month/day/year
- charset decoding -
Force given charset decoding, overriding the possible setting in GEDCOM
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