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Langue: en

Version: 253576 (debian - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


ged2gwb - Create a GeneWeb database from a GEDCOM file


ged2gwb [ <ged> ] [ options ]


ged2gwb creates a starter database for use by GeneWeb , from a GEDCOM file.

The primary documentation of ged2gwb is in the HTML documentation, which you can find in the documentation directory (/usr/share/doc/geneweb on Debian systems).
Please look there for complete and up-to-date documentation.


command-line help
-o <file>
output database (default: a.gwb)
Remove database if already existing
-log <file>
Redirect log trace to this file.
- Lowercase first names -
Convert first names to lowercase letters, with initials in uppercase.
- Lowercase surnames -
Convert surnames to lowercase letters, with initials in uppercase. Try to keep lowercase particles.
- Uppercase surnames -
Convert surnames to uppercase letters.
-fne be
- First names enclosed -
When creating a person, if the GEDCOM first name part holds a part between 'b' (any character) and 'e' (any character), it is considered to be the usual first name: e.g. -fne '""' or -fne "()".
- Extract first names -
When creating a person, if the GEDCOM first name part holds several names, the first of this names becomes the person "first name" and the complete GEDCOM first name part a "first name alias".
- Dont extract first names - [default]
Cancels the previous option.
- Extract public names - [default] When creating a person, if the GEDCOM first name part looks like a public name, i.e. holds:
       * a number or a roman number, supposed to be a number of a nobility title,

       * one of the words: "der", "den", "die", "el", "le", "la", "the", supposed to be the beginning of a qualifier,
then the GEDCOM first name part becomes the person "public name" and its first word his "first name".
Cancels the previous option.
- No public if titles -
Do not consider persons having titles as public
- Try negative dates -
Set negative dates when inconsistency (e.g. birth after death)
- No negative dates -
Don't interpret a year preceded by a minus sign as a negative year
-udi x-y
- Undefined death interval -
Set the interval for persons whose death part is undefined:

       - if before x years, they are considered as alive

       - if after y year, they are considered as death

       - between x and y year, they are considered as "don't know"

       Default x is 80 and y is 120
- Untreated in notes -
Put untreated GEDCOM tags in notes
- Default source -
Set the source field for persons and families without source data
Interpret months-numbered dates as day/month/year
Interpret months-numbered dates as month/day/year
- charset decoding -
Force given charset decoding, overriding the possible setting in GEDCOM
ton âme verdâtre âcre russule
au levant s'amorce de terreurs
lueur rose crêtes avant drame
ruses d'amant où crève la terre

à ras la mort vendeuse recrute
la vertueuse acérant remords
élève âcre mur dans sa torture
sue mercure dans la rate torve

verte lourdeur en cet amas ras
ta carrure admoneste révulse
au sud ta trace renverse l'orme
des manoeuvres le tartare cru

autour des calmes entreverras
l'aurore crémeuse star devant
envoûter la terre du massacre
Autrans Méaudre et le Vercors

-- Chamontin, Élisabeth