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Version: Sun May 4 22:29:45 UTC 2008 (ubuntu - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


giarpfanoa - Gather Information About Responsible Persons For A Node or Action


giarpfanoa [options]


GIARPFANOA is an acronym for the purpose of the tool. The purpose is to ``Gather Information About Responsible Persons For A Node or Action''.

This tool use many other tools (for the real data retrieving) to gather different types of information about an internet node. The information gathering is done in several steps:

1) First functions are loaded. 2) Basic information gathering about the target, MAC, IP and DNS.
   This is done by required modules. 3) Modules are then run in order to print other information that can be



You can also place config files with the following names (in following order) /etc/giarpfanoa/giarpfanoa.conf and ~/ that will be read before, the arguments to this program will be parsed. Here you can change the following variables:

Paths for module loading (here is the defaults). MODULEPATH=``/etc/giarpfanoa /usr/share/giarpfanoa /usr/local/share/giarpfanoa''

Paths for function loading (here is the defaults). FUNCTIONPATH=``/etc/giarpfanoa /usr/share/giarpfanoa /usr/local/share/giarpfanoa''

Reverse order, last is used first. These modules will always be loaded (here is the defaults). NEEDMODS=``-prep- -clean-''


Ola Lundqvist <>


ettercap(1) nbtscap(1) ping(1)
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