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Langue: en

Version: June 2007 (ubuntu - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


gprocessor - an SWF preprocessor for Gnash


gprocessor [options] [swf files to process...]


Gnash is a free Flash movie player, which works either standalone, or as a Firefox/Mozilla plugin.

This program preprocesses the given SWF movie files and optionally writes preprocessed shape and font data to cache files, so the associated SWF files can be loaded faster.


Print this info.
Print the version numbers.
Write a .gsc file with preprocessed info, for each input file.
Be verbose; i.e. print log messages to stdout
Be verbose about movie parsing
Be verbose about ActionScript
-r <times>
Allow the given number of complete runs. Keep looping undefinitely if set to 0. Default is 1 (end as soon as the last frame is reached).
-f <frames>
Allow the given number of frame advancements. Keep advancing untill any other stop condition is encountered if set to 0 (default).


You can find more information at
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-- Rapilly, Robert