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Version: 09/05/2010 (ubuntu - 24/10/10)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


guilt-new - Create a new patch


guilt-new [-f] [-s] [-e|-m message] <patchname>


Create a new patch and push it on top of the stack. An optional patch description can be supplied either interactively on via the command line.



Force patch creation if there are unrefreshed changes. These changes will get automatically imported into the new patch.


Add a Signed-off-by with your committer identifier string to the patch message.


Edit the patch message interactively. This option can be combined with -s to easily sign off on the patch.

-m <message>

The "<message>" string will used as the commit message. This option can be combined with -s to easily sign off on the patch.


Name of the patch to create. This must be a legal relative pathname string. For example, "foo", "foo/bar", and "foo/bar/foobar" are all valid.


Create a new patch called foobar:
 $ guilt-new foobar

Create a patch called foo and supply a patch description interactively:

 $ guilt-new -e foo

Create a patch called bar with a provided patch description and sign off on the patch:

 $ guilt-new -s -m patch-fu bar


Written by Josef "Jeff" Sipek <m[blue]jeffpc@josefsipek.netm[][1]>


Documentation by Josef "Jeff" Sipek <m[blue]jeffpc@josefsipek.netm[][1]>


Part of the linkguilt:guilt[7] suite (Generated for Guilt v0.33)


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