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Version: 261146 (debian - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


hattrib - change HFS file or directory attributes


hattrib [-t TYPE] [-c CREA] [-|+i] [-|+l] hfs-path [...]

hattrib -b hfs-path


hattrib permits the alteration of HFS file attributes. In the first form, the MacOS-defined type and creator attributes can be set using the -t and -c flags, respectively. A file's invisible flag can be set or cleared with +i and -i, respectively. Finally, a file's locked flag can be set or cleared with +l and -l.

All files mentioned on the command line will receive the specified attributes, regardless of the file's current attributes. Any attribute not mentioned in the command line is left unchanged.

In the second form, a single HFS pathname refering to a folder is given with the -b option, causing it to become "blessed" as the MacOS System Folder. For this to be useful, the folder should contain valid Macintosh System and Finder files.

Note that the locked and "blessed" attributes have little consequence to hfsutils.


hfsutils(1), hls(1)




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