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Version: November 6, 1999 (debian - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


hdftopal, paltohdf - convert between a palette in an HDF file and a raw palett e in a non-HDF file


hdftopal hdf-pallette-file raw-pallette-file
paltohdf raw-pallette-file hdf-pallette-file


hdftopal converts a palette in an HDF file to a raw palette in an non-HDF file. The raw palette will have 768 bytes with the first 256 bytes representing red intensity values, the second 256 bytes representing green intensity values, and the third 256 bytes representing blue intensity values.

paltohdf performs the converse conversion, from raw palette data to the HDF palette format. The raw palette data must have 768 bytes organized in the following order: first, 256 contiguous red intensity values, then 256 contiguous green intensity values, then 256 contiguous blue intensity values. The palette in the HDF file will have the RGB values pixel-interlaced, as follows:

 red-value green-value blue-value red-value green-value blue-value...
This is the standard HDF format for 8-bit palettes.

If an HDF palette format file is specified that doesn't exist, it is created before the converted data is stored. If an HDF palette format file is specified that already exists, the converted data is appended to the file.


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