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Version: 2010-06-26 (ubuntu - 24/10/10)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


hpi_shell - An openhpi sample application that allows a user to interactively perform a number of HPI operations.


hpi_shell [-c <cfgfile>] [-e] [-f <file>] [-n <hostname>]


hpi_shell reads commands and performs HPI operations based on those commands. This allows it to exercise HPI-managed hardware and do manual operations on that hardware.

Once in hpi_shell, use the ``help'' command for a list of commands, or ``help command'' for details on a particular command.


  -c     Use the specified openhpi config file
  -e     Show short events, discover after subscribe
  -f     Read commands from "file" rather than standard input
  -n     Connect to the OpenHPI daemon on "hostname" rather than the
         one running on the local host
  -x     Produce extra debugging output


   hpi_shell      hpifan         hpipower       hpithres       
   hpialarms      hpiinv         hpireset       hpitop         
   hpiel          hpijs          hpisensor      hpitree        
   hpievents      hpionIBMblade  hpisettime     hpiwdt


Author(s) of this man page:
   Bryan Sutula (
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