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Version: 370808 (fedora - 01/12/10)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


http_ping - measure HTTP latency


http_ping [-count n] [-interval n] [-quiet] [-proxy host:port] url


http_ping runs an HTTP fetch every few seconds, timing how long it takes.

Sample run:

   % http_ping
   7816 bytes from 246.602 ms (9.923c/23.074r/213.605d)
   7816 bytes from 189.997 ms (11.619c/22.971r/155.407d)
   7816 bytes from 190.463 ms (8.994c/25.091r/156.378d)
   7816 bytes from 190.07 ms (9.234c/23.9r/156.936d)
   7816 bytes from 190.706 ms (10.142c/46.579r/133.985d)
   --- http_ping statistics ---
   5 fetches started, 5 completed (100%), 0 failures (0%), 0 timeouts (0%)
   total    min/avg/max = 189.997/201.568/246.602 ms
   connect  min/avg/max = 8.994/9.9824/11.619 ms
   response min/avg/max = 22.971/28.323/46.579 ms
   data     min/avg/max = 133.985/163.262/213.605 ms


Stop after the specified number of fetches. Without this option, http_ping will continue until interrupted.
Wait the specified number of seconds between fetches. The default is five seconds.
Only display the summary info at the end.
Specifies a proxy host and port to use.


http_load(1), http_get(1), ping(8)


Copyright © 1998,1999,2001,2002 by Jef Poskanzer <>. All rights reserved.
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