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Langue: en

Version: 312740 (ubuntu - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


i2e - English-Spanish Dictionary (X interface)




Selecting a word with the mouse in any aplication is all that's needed, i2e will translate it.

The word can also be introduced at the prompt line, and you only have to push "Translate" button.

The direction of the translation can be changed from English>Spanish or Spanish>English by selecting the top left button. When you choose a direction and exit, the direction is remembered and i2e will start up in that mode.

In either case, Page Up and Page Down keys will move the translation text.


binary file for X11
binary file for text mode
Translation dictionary used by all i2e programs.
English manual page
Spanish manual page
messages uttered by i2e and i2e-cli in Spanish
where buttons status is kept
where added up words are


When adding words to the dictionary (button "Learn") it should be taken into account that when a word allows several different translations, they should be learned separately.

For example, 'hola' can be translated as 'hi' or as 'hello', so, in order to add 'hola' to the dictionary with both translations, 'hola' and 'hi' should be learnt first and then 'hola' and 'hello'.


i2e was inspired by the program eidic.tcl (available at by José Luis Triviño <> from which the words database is taken (and modified).

 I thank Miquel Collado <>, for his comments on the source code.

 I also thank Amaya Rodrigo Sastre <> for translating the README file and man page into English, and for reviewing my translation into English of the messages uttered by i2e and i2e-cli

 I also get on my knees in groveling, abject obsequiousness and kiss the feet of the Unix-and-English-Translation God Lloyd Zusman <>, without whose brilliant English-usage insights and very humble nature, this document would otherwise have had to be consigned to the dustbin of history.

 I thank Miquel Sergio Ahumada Navea <>, for building an .rpm package.

 I thank José M. Macías <> and Ricardo Villalba <> for their comments on making i2e more comfortable to use.

Thanks to all of them!


Last version of i2e can be downloaded from


The author, Alfredo Casademunt <>, will thank:

1) comments and constructive criticism regarding the program.

2) sending of new words added to the dictionary, in other words, ~/.i2e.dict file for its future inclusion in the main dictionary.

3) any form of cooperation with the source code or the dictionary.

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Gracile ou étirée affecte un coupon klèple
Seul axe où déplier Queneau glissant la guêple
Ce phosphorant drapier du col qu'on rajusticre

Son signe d'être foi cesse avant l'accès d'Huycre
Morne gris maquillant anse et bois d'éthélèple
Sourd mais noir étanché il réagit ou vèple
Sans qu'un périlleux vers sût éplorer l'énicre

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Parle et passe et figé voile ce qu'il énagle
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Lisse belle hélice oh ! plonge droit dedans l'Odre
Mallarmé mit au fil d'aucun hymne nul ptousme
-- Rapilly, Robert