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Version: 2006-01-19 (openSuse - 09/10/07)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


includemocs -- handle mocifyable headers, whose .moc file is nowhere included.




Header files declaring a QObject descendant have to be run through moc to produce a .moc file. This .moc file has to be compiled, for which two possibilities exists: compile it separately, or #include it in the C++ file implementing that above mentioned class. The latter is more efficient in term of compilation speed.

This script searches in the current directory and its subdirs for header files declaring a QObject descendant class. If it finds some, it looks, if there is a C++ file containing an '#include' for the generated .moc file. If thats not the case, it tries to guess into which C++ file that '#include' is placed best (based on the filename). If it fails to guess a proper place, it mentions that.

On stdout commands are ouput, suitable for a shell, which, when evaluated, add the suggested '#include' at the end of the files.

On stderr some informational messages are printed.


        cd kdebase ; includemocs

        cd kdebase ; `eval includemocs 2> /dev/null`


Michael Matz <>
Je peux inclure n'importe quel language dans Multidesk, mais FORTH n'est
pas prévu pour le moment. Il me faut de la documentation sur ce language
et il ne pourra être inclu que en juillet minimum,
-- Jayce - Enfer, il était pas planifié celui-là. --