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Version: 2006-01-19 (openSuse - 09/10/07)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


includemocs -- handle mocifyable headers, whose .moc file is nowhere included.




Header files declaring a QObject descendant have to be run through moc to produce a .moc file. This .moc file has to be compiled, for which two possibilities exists: compile it separately, or #include it in the C++ file implementing that above mentioned class. The latter is more efficient in term of compilation speed.

This script searches in the current directory and its subdirs for header files declaring a QObject descendant class. If it finds some, it looks, if there is a C++ file containing an '#include' for the generated .moc file. If thats not the case, it tries to guess into which C++ file that '#include' is placed best (based on the filename). If it fails to guess a proper place, it mentions that.

On stdout commands are ouput, suitable for a shell, which, when evaluated, add the suggested '#include' at the end of the files.

On stderr some informational messages are printed.


        cd kdebase ; includemocs

        cd kdebase ; `eval includemocs 2> /dev/null`


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