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Version: 42418 (openSuse - 09/10/07)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


Image Scan! for Linux - scanner frontend for SANE


iscan (Image Scan! for Linux) provides a graphical user-interface to control EPSON scanners. It allows the previewing and scanning of images. iscan can be invoked either from the command-line or through the GIMP image manipulation program.

When run from the command line, iscan acts as a stand-alone program that saves acquired images in PNM, PNG or JPEG format. Alternatively acquired images can be sent directly to a printer, provided your print system handles PNG natively. CUPS and Photo Image Print System, versions 1.3.1 and later, do this. LPRng and other LPD based printer systems may need a little help. Refer to your print system's documentation for more information on how to set this up. When run as a GIMP plugin, the images are passed to the GIMP for further processing.

iscan accesses EPSON image acquisition devices through the SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy) interface.


As of version 1.15.0, iscan is automatically registered as a gimp(1) plugin if you install the binary package. In case it didn't (because you built from source for example), you can register it yourself by creating a symbolic link from the iscan binary to one of the gimp(1) plug-ins directories. For example, for gimp-1.2.x the command
ln -s /usr/bin/iscan ~/.gimp-1.2/plug-ins/

adds a symlink for the iscan binary to the user's plug-ins directory. Your system administrator can register it for all users by creating a symbolic link in the gimp(1) system plug-ins directory. After creating such a symlink, iscan will be queried by gimp(1) the next time it's invoked. From then on, iscan can be invoked through "Xtns->Acquire Image->Scanning (iscan)" menu entry.


When not using the default printer , it is necessary to input the printer name from /etc/printcap into the Print Command field of the Configuration dialog. For example, if the printer name is pm900c, input the following command.
lpr -Ppm900c

EPSON Scan! for Linux WORKFLOW

Use the following steps to scan an image with iscan.

1. Select the document source.
2. Select the image type.
3. Preview the full page.
4. Create a marquee (frame) of the image area to scan.
5. Auto expose the selected area.
6. Select the image destination.
7. Scan the final image.


gimp(1), gimptool(1), scanimage(1), sane-scsi(5), sane-dll(5), sane-net(5), sane-"backendname"(5)


Noriyoshi Sasaki and Peter Schretlen
Pythagore transforme l'étude de la géométrie en un enseignement libéral
en examinant les principes de la science depuis le commencement et
prouvant les théories d'une manière immatérielle.
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