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Version: 10 February 2009 (ubuntu - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


julia - Utility to sync PostgreSQL users with system users


julia [ options ]


julia is a utility to sync PostgreSQL's user database with the system's users. It is designed to allow the use of 'peer sameuser' authentication. It simply adds any users in the password file into PostgreSQL's pg_user table if they are already not there. It will also warn you about users who are in the pg_user table but not in the password file.


Don't actually do anything.
Be quiet, i.e. display as little output as possible.
Be verbose, i.e. display more output than normal.
Show help and then exit.


julia uses katie's configuration file. It follows the typical ISC configuration format as seen in ISC tools like bind 8 and dhcpd. Apart from being able to alter the defaults for command line options, the following configuration items are used:

Each user's primary GID is compared with this, if it's not blank. If they match, the user will be processed, if they don't, the user will be skipped.
This is a comma-separated list of users who are in PostgreSQL's pg_user table but are not in the password file.


julia returns zero on normal operation, non-zero on error.


katie was written by James Troup <>.

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