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Version: 179885 (CentOS - 06/07/09)

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Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


l2ping - Send L2CAP echo request and receive answer


l2ping [-i <hciX>] [-s size] [-c count] [-t timeout] [-f] [-r] bd_addr




L2ping sends a L2CAP echo request to the Bluetooth MAC address bd_addr given in dotted hex notation.


-i <hciX>
The command is applied to device hciX , which must be the name of an installed Bluetooth device (X = 0, 1, 2, ...) If not specified, the command will be sent to the first available Bluetooth device.
-s size
The size of the data packets to be sent.
-c count
Send count number of packets then exit.
-t timeout
Wait timeout seconds for the response.
Kind of flood ping. Use with care! It reduces the delay time between packets to 0.
Reverse ping (gnip?). Send echo response instead of echo request.
The Bluetooth MAC address to be pinged in dotted hex notation like 01:02:03:ab:cd:ef or 01:EF:cd:aB:02:03


Written by Maxim Krasnyansky <> and Marcel Holtmann <>

man page by Nils Faerber <>, Adam Laurie <>.

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