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Version: 336544 (ubuntu - 24/10/10)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


Liferea - RSS/RDF and Atom news aggregator


liferea [OPTIONS]


Liferea (Linux Feed Reader) is an RSS/RDF and Atom news aggregator which also supports CDF channels, OCS, and OPML directories. It's intended to be a clone of the Windows-only FeedReader. It can be used to maintain a list of subscribed feeds, browse and search through their items and displays their contents.


Liferea options:
output version information and exit
display a option overview and exit
Start Liferea with its mainwindow in STATE: shown, iconified, hidden
Print debugging messages of all types
Print debugging messages for the cache handling
Print debugging messages of the configuration handling
Print debugging messages of all GUI functions
Enables HTML rendering debugging. Each time Liferea renders HTML output it will also dump the generated HTML into ~/.liferea_1.6/output.xhtml.
Print debugging messages of all parsing functions
Print debugging messages when a function takes too long to process
Print debugging messages for the plugin loading
Print debugging messages when entering/leaving functions
Print debugging messages of the feed update processing
Print verbose debugging messages


To allow integration with other programs Liferea profives a DBUS interface for automatic creation of new subscriptions. The script liferea-add-feed is a convenient way to use this interface. Just pass a valid feed URL as parameter and the feed will be added to the feed list. You can also pass non-feed URLs to use feed auto discovery. Example:

liferea-add-feed ""

Please note that Liferea needs to be running for liferea-add-feed to work.


If a proxy is not specified in the Liferea preferences (which uses the proxy settings in gconf), then Liferea will use the proxy specified in $http_proxy. $http_proxy should be set to a URI specifying the desired proxy, for example ''.


Contains Liferea plugins
Contains stylesheets for feed display
Contains default feedlists
Contains user feedlist and feed cache


This manual page was written by Lars Lindner <>.
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J'en rut contre-sidère.. Ibère va-t'en sûr.
Oh ! couds nasse du test, n'opère de rut pur.
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-- Rapilly, Robert