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Version: 1.4 (mandriva - 01/05/08)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


lintopvf - convert from linear headerless to PVF format.


basictopvf [options] [<linearfile> [<pvffile>]]


lintopvf converts from linear headerless samples to pvf (portable voice format) format.


lintopvf can be called in the pipe mode:

        cat infile | lintopvf [optons] > outfile.pvf

or with two file names:

        lintopvf [options] infile outfile.pvf

Valid options are:

-h brief help message

-C input 8 bit samples (default)

-W input 16 bit samples

-U input unsigned values (default)

-S input signed values

-N don't intput with intel byte order (default)

-I input with intel byte order

-s <n> samples per second (default is 8000)

-a output pvf ascii format

-b output pvf binary format (default)

-8 output 8 bit samples

-16 output 16 bit samples

-32 output 32 bit samples (default)

Usually there is no need for any of them.


autopvf, basictopvf, wavtopvf, voctopvf, rmdtopvf, pvftoau, pvftowav, pvftolin, pvftovoc, pvftobasic, pvftormd


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