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Version: 335223 (ubuntu - 24/10/10)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


loop-aes-keygen - Create loop-AES keys


loop-aes-keygen [ options ] keyfile


Creates keys for loop-AES loopback encryption.


-v <1|2|3>
Key format (Default: 3).
-c cipher
Encrypt using GnuPG cipher cipher
-u id
Encrypt using GnuPG pubkey id . Can be given more than once (Default: Encrypt symmetrically with passphrase)
-s device
Override random source (Default: /dev/random). Don't use this option unless you know what you are doing. A bad source can silently create useless and trivially crackable keys. On the other hand, a known good source faster than /dev/random (eg. good hardware RNG) can significantly speed up the key creation.


Create key
$ loop-aes-keygen key.gpg
Create key for multiple users
$ loop-aes-keygen -u user1@$HOSTNAME -u "User 2" key.gpg
Create blowfish encrypted key in loop-AES v2.x format
$ loop-aes-keygen -c BLOWFISH -v2 key.gpg


Max Vozeler <>


losetup(8), /usr/share/doc/loop-aes-utils/README, /usr/share/doc/loop-aes-source/README*
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