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Version: 57775 (mandriva - 22/10/07)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


lpd_cancel - remove an entry from a remote lpd print spooler


lpd_cancel [-v] -j id_num queue@host | host [queue]


lpd_cancel removes an entry from the BSD line printer daemon at host. The job is removed to queue, or lp if not specified. The job id to cancel is id_num, or 1 if not specified.

To be compliant with RFC-1179, this program must run SUID root, so that a privileged outbound port may be used. However, many lpd servers found on networked printers do not enforce this requirement.


-j job_id
Set the job id to be job_id. This should be a three digit number from 001 to 999. Default is 001.
Print warnings and fatal errors.
Print warnings, fatal errors, and informative messages.
Print everything (debug level).


When one does not have permission to cancel the requested job, no error message is displayed. Actually lpd_cancel does not work at all; don't print jobs you intend to cancel.


Jacob A. Langford <>


lpd_print(1), lpd_status(1), RFC-1179
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