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Version: 19 October 2000 (mandriva - 01/05/08)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


mail2sms - reads a (MIME) mail and converts it to a short message.


mail2sms [options] < mail


mail2sms offers search and replace, conditional rules, conditional search and replace etc to create a custom output. It can optionally pipe its output into a specified program.


-c <config file>
Specifies what config file to read. It can be used repeatedly.
Switch on debug messages in the log file
-I <include dir>
Adds a directory to the include path.
-l <logfile>
Specify what file to write all log texts to.
Prevents mail2sms from reading the default config files.
makes mail2sms write the sms message to stdout when completed (and not invoke any sub-command).
-p <phone number>
sets the $phone variable (see the run command)
shuts off all logging
Shows mail2sms' version number then quits.


mail2sms has been written by Daniel Stenberg <> with lofs of help from friendly contributors, such as:

 - Linus Nielsen <>
 - Kjell Ericson <>
 - Bjorn Stenberg <>
 - Alexander Bergolth <> 
 - A. Ljunggren <>
 - Peter Kundrat <>
 - Tomi Malensek <>
 - Balazs Nagy <>
 - Adrian Pavlykevych <>



Il va sans dire que les versions suivantes complèteront évidemment
cette version 1.1. Que ce soit de part la gestion du CDROM, de l'USB,
des périphériques, des logiciels, des fonctions internes ou externes,
des fichiers d'aide, des modes VESA et bien plus encore...
Le 15 juillet, tout ne fera que COMMENCER !
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