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Version: 112264 (mandriva - 01/05/08)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


makepattern - make GMT color pattern from b/w pattern or icon


makepattern 1bit.ras | iconfile -Cfr/g/b -Cbr/g/b


makepattern reads either a Sun 1-bit rasterfile OR a Sun icon file. It then accepts color choices for the foreground and background pixels and colorizes the pattern, writing it as a 8-bit Sun rasterfile on stdout. These patterns may then be used in GMT (3.1 or later) -Gp settings or by psimage.
1bit.ras | iconfile
Either a 1-bit Sun rasterfile (standard format, no RLE) or a Sun icon file (as used in GMT 3.0).
Sets the color for the foreground pixels (the ones) [black].
Sets the color for the background pixels (the zeros) [white].

WIN32 fix

Since binary redirection under WIN32 does not work, you must specify the output file with -Gnewfile.ras. This option is only available under WIN32.


To create a colorized red/blue 8-bit Sun rasterfile pattern from the old 3.0-style iconpattern stored in file custom.icon, run

makepattern custom.icon -Cfred -Cbblue > custom.ras

To create a green/blue 8-bit Sun rasterfile pattern from a 1-bit Sun raster called bits.ras, run

makepattern bits.ras -Cfgreen -Cbblue > colorbits.ras


GMT(1), psimage(1)
# atp-get -s -d 3 dist-upgrade
Thou are using non-free software, which will be replaced by a free
The following packages will be REMOVED:
communicator-base-47 communicator-nethelp-47 communicator-smotif-47
communicator-spellchk-47 gconv-modules libc6-bin netscape-base-4
netscape-base-47 netscape-java-47
The following packages will be INSTALLED:
w3m lynx links mozilla gzilla emacs-w3
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