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Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


mbsc - the MBS compiler for varkon


 mbsc source


VARKON is a high level development tool for applications in the area of Engineering, Computer Aided Design and Product Modelling.

The MBS compiler reads source lines frome MBS-files and produces binary modules in MBO-files.


the name of one or more sourcefiles
report current version information and exit
create listfile
use linewidth of n characters in listfile
write n lines per page to listfile
set module protection code to n
set PMSIZE to n bytes


mbsc needs the following environment parameter to be set up in order to function properly. If not defined a default value is used instead.
VARKON_ERM = /usr/share/varkon/erm
Errormessages (*.ERM)


Due to a bug the compiler will not report if the size of PM (PMSIZE) is too small to hold the entire module. Instead it truncates the module and writes it to disc without notice.


The VARKON system was originally developed by a group at the University of Linkoping in Sweden during 1984-86 under the leadership of Dr. Johan Kjellander now the president of Microform AB. Since then the system has been owned, marketed and further developed by Microform AB.

Subsequently the license was changed to GNU General Public License and VARKON was taken over by the CAD research group of the Örebro University in Sweden.

Stephan Helma wrote this man page Debian from the appropriate html page.




The VARKON documentation is available as HTML documents. Please install the appropriate packages and point your Web browser at:

The homepage of VARKON is:

There exists a Varkon-discuss mailing list at:

You can subscribe to it at:

or view the archives at:
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