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Version: 2008-08-16 (fedora - 01/12/10)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


mogilefsd -- MogileFS tracker daemon


This is the main MogileFS daemon, mogilefsd, also called the ``tracker''. All interaction with a MogileFS installation begins by a client talking to a tracker (you should run several in parallel for redundancy).

See MogileFS::Client for a client library.



The mogilefsd daemon is an event-loop in the parent process, handling with epoll/kqueue/etc (see Danga::Socket) tons of client connections, while managing a bunch of worker processes underneath.

The worker processes under mogilefsd include:

Client query processing --- implements the MogileFS client/server protocol
See MogileFS::Worker::Query.
Monitoring --- monitors hosts and devices
See MogileFS::Worker::Monitor.
Replicate --- replicates files
See MogileFS::Worker::Replicate.
Deleter --- deletes files from storage nodes (protocol deletes from namespace are immediate)
See MogileFS::Worker::Delete.
Reaper --- re-enqueues files for replication when disks are marked dead
See MogileFS::Worker::Reaper.
Checker/Fsck --- background filesystem consistency checker
See MogileFS::Worker::Checker.

Data Storage

See MogileFS::Store.


Brad Fitzpatrick <>

Mark Smith <>

Brad Whitaker <>

  Copyright 2004, Danga Interactive
  Copyright 2005-2006, Six Apart Ltd.


Same terms as Perl itself. Artistic/GPLv2, at your choosing.


mogstored --- MogileFS storage daemon


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