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Version: 2010-05-08 (ubuntu - 24/10/10)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)

NAME - Create a new Catalyst Component

SYNOPSIS [options] model|view|controller name [helper] [options]
    -force        don't create a .new file where a file to be created exists
    -mechanize    use Test::WWW::Mechanize::Catalyst for tests if available
    -help         display this help and exits
  Examples: controller My::Controller -mechanize controller My::Controller view My::View view MyView TT view TT TT model My::Model model SomeDB DBIC::Schema MyApp::Schema create=dynamic\
    dbi:SQLite:/tmp/my.db model AnotherDB DBIC::Schema MyApp::Schema create=static\
    dbi:Pg:dbname=foo root 4321
  See also:
    perldoc Catalyst::Manual
    perldoc Catalyst::Manual::Intro


Create a new Catalyst Component.

Existing component files are not overwritten. If any of the component files to be created already exist the file will be written with a '.new' suffix. This behavior can be suppressed with the "-force" option.


Catalyst Contributors, see


You may distribute this code under the same terms as Perl itself. Please refer to for copyright details.
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