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Langue: en

Version: 2008-12-16 (debian - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


mprev - reverse the mpd playlist


mprev [host]


mprev reverses mpd's playlist. That's all. The currently playing song doesn't change. The song you heard last will be the next song to play.

If the hostname is omitted, the MPD_HOST environment variable will be used.


Copyright 2007 Joey Hess <>

Licensed under the GNU GPL version 2 or higher.

The The
right-hand left-hand
sentence contains sentence contains
four a's, one b, three c's, four a's, one b, three c's,
three d's, thirty-nine e's, three d's, thirty-five e's,
ten f's, one g, eight h's, seven f's,four g's,eleven h's,
eight i's, one j, one k, eleven i's, one j, one k,
four l's,one m,twenty-three n's one l, one m, twenty-six n's
fifteen o's, one p, one q, fifteen o's, one p, one q,
nine r's, twenty-three s's, ten r's, twenty-three s's,
twenty-one t's, four u's, twenty-two t's, four u's,
seven v's, six w's, three v's, five w's,
two x's, five y's, two x's, five y's,
and one and one
z. z.

-- Sallows, Lee